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about me:
Hanspeter Spalinger
Hammerstrasse 178
4057 Basel
061 683 58 18

my public pgp key and fingerprint: AB08BE9C31236307EC2780578CBBF1F158948D82
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my work:
System Administrator at University of Basel.
my interests:
Computer Network Technologies
Mathematical Physics


I always look for work opportunities:
Server administration (mail, web, streaming, etc)
Network planning and deployment (ipv6, dns, kerberos, ldap, cfengine, etc)
Live Event support (audio/video streaming, social media services, etc)
Web application building (data management, xml-services, xslt-frontends, etc)
Office System planning and deployment (ltsp, ubuntu, windows-integration, low-cost)
Cloud Setup and deployment


All that is left to say is
Fucking Gravity!